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Application must be completed fully, by the applicant. All information is required and will be used solely within Hillsborough County Library Services.

We are currently only accepting Friends of The Library and Adult Literacy Tutor volunteers, who must be 19 years old or older.

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Contact Information

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Community Service

Hillsborough County is a drug-free workplace

When the County utilizes volunteers, it assumes certain risks; therefore, personal information is required.

Omitting minor traffic violations and any offense committed as a minor which was adjudicated in a juvenile court or under a youth offender law, have you ever pled guilty, been convicted of OR pled no contender to any crime as an adult?
Do you currently have any Law violations pending against you?
Do you have a second violation?

(Please list additional violations and email them to: LibraryCommunityEngagement@hillsboroughcounty.org).

As a volunteer for the County, you are considered by law the same as an employee of the county and are afforded certain benefits.

  • By initializing the boxes below, I agree to the following:
  • LIABILITY INSURANCE - Hillsborough County is self-insured and volunteers will be covered to the same extent as employees when performing their assigned duties. It is imperative that any incidents be reported to the supervisor immediately.
  • Workers' compensation - Volunteers injured while performing their assigned duties will be covered by workers compensation to the same extent as employees. It is imperative that any accident/injury be reported to the supervisor immedately.
  • I understand that a background check will be completed if accepted as a volunteer.

All volunteers will be required to provide one of the following forms of identification at the time of orientation: valid Driver's License or valid State ID, student's identification card, employee identification card, military identification card, passport or visa, immigration record, or consulate issued ID.

Volunteers 17 years of age or younger may substitute one of the following forms of identification if any of the photo identifications above are not available: birth certificate, immunization record, school issued record, social security card, or health insurance card.

Is the applicant 17 years old or younger?

If 17 years of age or younger, this portion must be completed:


hereby give my consent for him/her to participate as a volunteer with Hillsborough County Library Services. I understand that there will be supervision by a county employee and that all safety regulations partaining to the job will be followed.